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There is no more important element of a successful event or party than planning. Planning should be done far in advance – the sooner the better. During the planning stage, you can deal with all of the questions that must be answered for smooth and enjoyable affair. Below, we've listed a number of things that you should make decisions about during the planning stage.


When, where and how long: 1) what will the date of the event be 2) where will the event be held 3) what time will the event begin and end 4) reserve your venue early, before extending invitations.


Guests: 1) create the list of intended guests 2) print or create invitations, or plan on how to invite the guests by phone, messenger service, etc.

• Will it be a theme or costume party? If so, be sure to define dress expectations in your invitations.



• Almost every event or party includes beverages, and if alcoholic beverages will be served, non-alcoholic beverages should also be available. Today, many people do not like soda, and many other do not like to drink beverages with sugar in them. Fruit juices, bottled water (carbonated and non-carbonated), flavored bottled water and tomato juice are popular choices.

• Will there be a meal served? Will it be buffet or sit-down? Single-plate meal or courses? If it is sit-down, be sure to make arrangements for serving/servers. Plan your meal menu carefully – and to accommodate those who prefer not to eat meat – usually two choices will be ample, perhaps beef and chicken or beef and fish or beef and a vegetarian plate.

• Will food be light snack food, or more substantial?

• Easy and popular snacks include raw vegetables and an assortment of dips: add some chip and cracker varieties to that for even broader appeal. Fruits including grapes, sliced apples, fresh pineapple chunks, pear slices – add some fresh, chunk, sharp cheddar for a really tasty treat. Bleu cheese and crackers will go over very well with crowds that range in ages from 35 up. Brie is popular, but very difficult to serve properly.


*The Parlor has a full kitchen which a caterer or you and your friends or associates can use to prepare refreshments.



Music: if you're going to have music playing, make all of the arrangements before the event begins – so you are not overly distracted from host or hostess responsibilities during the event. Be sure the volume of the music – whether live or recorded – is at appropriate levels during the event.


As host, be sure to make introductions during the event. This will prevent cliques and enhance the experience for your guests.


If it's the right type of event, host some games. Games can be a great way to keep guests entertained, create new friendships and get guests to loosen up.


If you plan your event properly, you will be able to enjoy the event and your guests. Few things are as disconcerting to guests as seeing a flustered host or hostess.



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